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Michael BrooksAs the incoming President of this awesome Division, I would like to say thanks to the collective contributions of all of our previous and current stakeholders. AMCD stands on a firm foundation, one which has been in existence since she was officially formed in 1972 (the Association for Non-White Concerns in Personnel and Guidance; ANWC). ANWC then and AMCD now have stood for the recognition of human diversity and the multicultural nature of our society; the enhancement of human rights development; and to publish materials with the purpose of raising the standards of all who diligently work to serve our clients as socially active multiculturally competent helping professionals.

In order to maintain the momentum and continue the efforts of the Past-Presidents, yet be mindful of the current concerns of AMCD, I have outlined areas on which I will focus during my term. As the leader of AMCD, it is my desire to continue and expand upon the already established efforts and create several new initiatives, namely:

  • Create an ongoing international outreach initiative
  • Establish a deliberate plan for increasing membership
  • Enhance our current graduate student mentoring efforts, which also provide guidance to new professionals
  • Develop AMCD leadership at the regional level
  • Spell out the next steps for our own AMCD Conference (2015).


Michael Brooks, PhD., LPC-SC, NCC

AMCD President 2013-2014




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If you work with multicultural populations, or if you are concerned about the quality of counseling and human development programs, you belong in AMCD.

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