Multicultural Counseling Center

Multicultural Counseling Center

The Multicultural Counseling Center strives to develop programs to improve ethnic and racial understanding, support personal growth and improve educational opportunities for members from different cultures.

The world we live in today is characterized by change and diversity. This diversity characterizes the professional future. A prerequisite for the successful implementation of these differences are multicultural communication.

Multicultural communications serve to enable people with different orientation systems to communicate with each other. In the process of intercultural communication, due to different ways of perception and interpretation, misunderstandings or conflicts may arise. However, these issues can be resolved during the intercultural learning process, if both parties are at the appropriate level of intercultural competence. The decisive factor is the understanding and attitude towards cultural differences.

The purpose of the Multicultural Counseling Center is to develop intercultural competence, especially in the professional aspect, so that people with different mentality can successfully interact, and this communication would bring mutual satisfaction.

Multicultural counseling is designed to:

  • international teams;
  • people who deal with different cultures at work;
  • international companies working on projects in other cultural environments;
  • migrant professionals;
  • people working in different areas of migration (for example, social institutions, reception centers for foreigners, police, schools, kindergartens, hospitals).

Multicultural counseling promotes:

  • analyzing your own stereotypes and fears;
  • expansion of the personal horizon;
  • development and competent interaction in a multicultural world;
  • greater tolerance;
  • mutual learning;
  • constructive interaction with various employees, customers and business partners.

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