A webinar is an online training session or corporate online meeting. A lecture on the trends of modern solutions to the multicultural issues can be done in the format of an online webinar.

Two parties always participate in the webinar: speaker-presenter and listeners. Usually, participants can see the leader but he doesn’t see them. This is not surprising: if there are more than 5 listeners, it is difficult to see each participant. Therefore, a special platform is required for organizing a webinar: it is difficult to conduct a session for 100 people in a standard messenger with video calls.

For whom is webinar format suitable?

Those planning to conduct paid or free online courses. There are platforms for webinars that allow you to create beautiful branded event landing pages with an efficient registration form and accept payments for courses within the service.

Companies that provide training for employees from different cities and countries and want to avoid complex logistics and business trips of entire departments.

Those who often hold internal meetings with remote colleagues and want to find a convenient tool for corporate meetings.

For sufferers from multicultural problems, our center organizes webinars to help them cope with the psychological stress.