Scholarship at Multicultural Counseling Center

An academic scholarship is an opportunity to get a higher education at a university for free or almost free of charge. This practice has become particularly widespread in the United States: this is the country where students are granted the largest scholarships. Sometimes they cover up to 100% of the cost of education – that is, a student who shows good results can study almost for free. At the same time, there is no need to “work out” this type of financing – you just need to be a hard-working student. Multicultural Counseling Center provides students grants for further counseling center development.

The reason for this generosity is that American universities are interested in attracting clever students. It is the students’ achievements that make up the glory of a particular university. Therefore, many US educational institutions allow a portion of their income to pay academic scholarships to people whom they would like to see in their institution.

The average size of academic scholarship provided by our center varies from $15 000-$25 000. This amount allows students to fully or partially cover the cost of education. The amount of funding is determined for each applicant individually, depending on the level of progress he demonstrated at school (GPA), points for language and academic tests (TOEFL and SAT, respectively), as well as his personal qualities, such as initiative, focus on results, leadership abilities. Simply put, a student who actively participates in the public life of a school involved in sports and creativity has more chances to get a good scholarship than an excellent student who is not interested in anything but the study itself.

How to get an academic scholarship?

Almost every American university has an academic scholarship fund. However, its size, as well as the requirements for applicants can vary greatly. Some of the scholarships allow you to compensate for a very small part of the cost of study when other institutions offer full financial coverage, but under extremely harsh conditions for the selection of candidates.

The process of obtaining an academic scholarship includes the following step: the meeting with the applicant and his parents for analyzing the chances of obtaining funding.

A prospective student prepares for taking the tests, passes them and sends the results to the manager. When answers come from universities, the student makes the final choice of school, signs a scholarship contract and starts studying.